A Dynamic Chapter

Q. “What makes a dynamic chapter”?
A. “An effective Leadership Team”.

Influence of Leadership Team on Chapter Dynamics.
· Run a great meeting and display professional behavior.

The Leadership Team powers the BNI engine. The tempo of a BNI meeting and the results are highly influenced by an effective
leadership. The President is a key factor in keeping the meeting interesting, and on track. The most important factors of a President
are, enthusiasm, organization and self-discipline.

· Follow the BNI guidelines on attendance and participation.

The VP’s role is vital to a dynamic chapter.

The VP

1) chairs the Membership Committee,

2) monitors attendance,

3) encourages full member participation and

4) addresses issues and problems.

The VP must run a functioning membership committee who will keep us on
our toes.

· Administers our chapter money and “show-case” talks.

Our Treasurer coordinates our “show-case” presentations. The “showcase” presentation is THE OPPORTUNITY to expose our product or service. During our presentation we need to educate and train members about how to find referrals for us. This is a great time to practice our public presentations.

Our Sec./Treas.

1) coordinates membership renewals,

2) our membership list and

3) works with the restaurant.  

These administrative tasks are essential to our long-term productivity.

-Joel Sida


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