You do business with people you like, know, and trust.

BNI creates the structure for this to happen. Every member also abides by the Code of Ethics including adherence to the highest professional standards in their chosen field.

Creekside Vision

Creekside is a business group that passes over $2,000,000 of closed business per year and we have FUN doing it. We are well known for being gracious and welcoming to those who visit. We are optimistic and we support each other; we engage in “givers gain” in all our interactions.

Each member operates within the “Creekside Business”, and as such works diligently as part of the salesforce developing the business successes of fellow members and future health and wealth of the chapter.

If your business is reliant on word-of-mouth/referral marketing this is the place for you. Come check us out.

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About BNI

BNI is a 25 year old business and professional organisation that helps businesses who use word of mouth and referral marketing in their business increase their exposure to potential customers with qualified referrals and lucrative business connections. One of the benefits of joining, is only one person from each trade or profession is allowed in each chapter. This is effectively locking out your competition within a group of 25 business owners. With over 5000 active chapters, and 150,000 members, it is the most successful business referral organisation in the world.

Belonging to BNI is like having dozens of sales people working for you because all the other members carry copies of your card with them. When they meet someone new that could use your products or services, they hand out your card and personally recommend your services.

It’s as simple as that! In the past 12 months members of BNI BC passed referrals worth more than $34 million worth of business. As Creekside embarks on its journey, we’re striving to make the difference in our businesses and the businesses of our fellow member.