Back to Basics!

—-Back to Basics

I think we all agree that it is in our best interest to reduce absenteeism in
our chapter.

Lower absenteeism combined with a concerted effort to
stick to the fundamentals of running a good chapter, will give our
participation in BNI more meaning and more profit.

Here are some BNI basics that we should all concentrate on to help
make our chapter better attended, and more productive.

· Be at our meetings on time: 6:30 a.m. sharp (or even 5-10 minutes early)!

· Use the open networking time to try to greet and shake everyone’s

· Sit in another part of the room and/or take a different seat than last
week. Sit with someone you haven’t sat with in awhile.

· Greet a visitor!

· Give a dynamic infomercial; Keep it focused by using your
infomercial to illustrate one new thing about your business every

· Take advantage of the opportunity to make a ‘show-case’ presentation
as often as possible.

· Take full advantage of the Referral Time to acknowledge only one person
in your group in any given week. This really highlights that individual member and makes your testimonial really count! Save your other testimonials for another week.

Let’s start a movement in our chapter to get back to the basics. Don’t
forget that sometimes the best way is not always the easiest way. With
just a little bit of effort from every one of us, our chapter can realize
the benefits of better attendance and become more productive.


Joel Sida BNI Education

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