Basic Components – Referral Marketing

A Referral Marketer’s Attitude.

BNI specializes in word-of-mouth advertising. is about creating a solid business strategy and long-term business alliances that help you build your business. This takes time and it takes the right attitude.

This education moment is about attitude.

First step: You cannot control change, but can control your response to the changes around you. You can absolutely refuse to participate in the negatives. And why would you want to do that? Well, your attitude does affect your income.

A survey found that 90% of customers would not do repeat business with a company that has an offending attitude.
And so, your attitude does affect your income.

You can control your response to challenges imposed through changes and, how you respond to your competition
It is a competitive world and the edge over your competition starts with your attitude. Your attitude is what starts you off to building a positive word-of-mouth advertising program and solid relationships.

People prefer to do business with people who always display a positive attitude.

Remember the cliché: ‘Attitude Determines Altitude’.

BNI’s 6th code of ethics is: “I will display a positive and supportive attitude”.

I leave you with this – If you want a good word of mouth marketing program, you must generate it yourself. Too many entrepreneurs think that simply providing an excellent product or service is enough. The truth is, your attitude is also essential to your bottom line. And so, “if it is to be, it is up to me.”

Attitude will not guarantee you business but it is a pre-requisite for getting the business that you deserve.

From The World’s Best Known Marketing Secret
Dr. Ivan Misner

Joel Sida, BNI Creekside

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