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Creating a Hub Firm Network

Have you given any thought to creating a Hub Firm Network?  Let me explain a hub firm network, and let’s use the classic real estate agent in our hub firm.

The Real Estate Agent is in the middle of the hub, now, who wins when the Real Estate Agent wins?  The mortgage company, the title company, the landscaper, the movers, the home inspectors, the painters, the roofers, and the list can go on.  Each of these business’s win when the real estate agent wins.

So, if they get more business when the Real Estate Agent gets more business doesn’t it make sense that they should help the Real Estate Agent get more business more often? What kind of things can each of these other professionals do to help the Real Estate Agent win more business?

  • They can put her articles in their newsletters
  • Ask the Homeowners questions that can lead to a referral
  • Leave the Agents business cards behind
  • Do advertising together
  • Introduce the Agent to your clients
  • Host a networking event with your clients and the Real Estate Agent.
  • Each time that the team helps the Real Estate Agent get more business they ensure more business for themselves, it is the true meaning of Givers Gain.

Creating a Hub Firm requires that you find a group of people who get more business when you get more business.  Then put together a strategy to support one another.  It’s a great method to build your business, it takes work and a strategy, but when done right, it is very profitable.

Joel Sida

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