Commandment Seven and Eight

Commandment Seven –

Exchange Business Cards with the people you meet

· Ask for two cards – one to pass on to someone else and one to keep. Why? This technique helps to set the stage for networking to occur. Make certain to catalogue the card when you return to your office. You need a “contact management system” that works FOR YOU.

· Keep your cards in one pocket and other peoples’ cards in the
other pocket.

· If the card does not illustrate what the person does, write the missing information on the front of the card. This will also demonstrate your interest in the person.

Commandment Eight –

“10 minutes or less and don’t linger with friends.”

· Remember Commandment Two Setting a goal for the number of people you wish to meet. When you meet people who are
very interesting and with whom you would like to spend more time, set an appointment with them. You can always meet later to continue the conversation.

· Don’t try to close business deals while networking. This is impractical and the wrong environment to close deals. Set a date to meet in an environment more conducive to conducting detailed business.

Joel Sida for BNI creekside

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