Give a referral whenever possible… Describe your product or service

Commandment Five and Six

Commandment Five
Give a referral whenever possible.
· Be genuine in the attempt to help others (practice BNI’s Giver’s Gain even outside of BNI)
· If you cannot give a referral or lead, tell them about another business mixer or about one of your business networking organizations.  Invite them to BNI.

· Stay sharp and aware. Take an active role in the networking group or groups that you belong to. Remember with growth comes increased visibility, exposure, opportunity and Success!

Commandment Six

Describe your product or service
· After you learn what the other does, make sure to tell them what you do.
· Be specific , but brief. Use Memory Hooks or LCDs (lowest common denominators) isn’t this what we practice each and every week in BNI?

· Don’t assume they know your business. Explain it to them if they seem interested. Tell them a little about you, then decide if they seem interested enough to tell them more. You have about 20 seconds to capture their interest sufficiently to arouse enough interest to allow you to continue.


Joel Sida BNI Creekside

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