Making the most from “casual” contacts

“Act like a Host, Not a Guest”
If you are nervous about introducing yourself to total strangers, consider
a different scenario for the next business mixer you attend. Think of
yourself as the party’s host and not its guest. As host, you would
introduce yourself to people you don’t know and then introduce them to
others. Wouldn’t you tell them where to find the food and drinks?
Wouldn’t you watch for lulls in conversation, or bring new people over
to an already formed small group?
A Host has an active role as opposed to the passive role of a guest.

A Host is expected to do things for others, while the guest sits back and
relaxes. You can play the role of a host even though you are not the
actual host. A simple but effective habit is to hold out your hand first
and say,


“Hi, my name is ____. And your business is…?

Practice this technique every week at BNI
If there are many other visitors to meet, ask a friend to help you
introduce the first guest to others so that you can get back to meeting
new guests. By using this technique you will develop excellent
networking skills and get great exposure and introduction to many
business professionals in just a short time.
A distinguishing characteristic of millionaires is that they network
everywhere, and they do it all the time – at business conferences, health
clubs, golf course, or with the person sitting next to them on the plane.
This fact alone should motivate you to place yourself in situations where you can meet new people.

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