Showing up. A Key to Success

Attendance is Vital!
If you’ve been in BNI more than 1 month, you’ve probably heard someone on our Leadership Team say, “Good attendance is the cornerstone of any successful BNI Chapter.”
As the months go by you might have heard someone in our chapter say:
“Where is so and so? How come they’re not here this week?” Maybe that made you wonder if they’re really as committed to the group as you thought they were. Because of their absence, you might even lose a little confidence in them.
Attendance is critical to the success of any BNI Chapter. Good attendance illustrates to your fellow members that you are committed and professional in your business dealings.
Being present allows you to showcase not only your product or service but also you, yourself. Good attendance habits can be a valuable way to demonstrate your commitment to your group and help them forge increased confidence in you.
BNI is a business meeting that we commit to every week. How many successful business people do you know who miss business meetings?

Probably not many.


Some concrete examples of how lower absenteeism equals more referrals.


Lower Absenteeism Equals More Referrals

joel sida bni table referrals11

* Data collected from BNI Chapters

Joel Sida. BNI Creekside

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