Your Business Image

It takes less than 10 seconds to make a first impression.

During these first few seconds others form an opinion about your educational background, economic status, credibility and confidence.

In today’s competitive marketplace, if you are well groomed and appropriately clothed, and if you display the right attitude, social skills, and personality, you stand a good chance of making a positive first impression. Masters of
networking ensure that their message is congruent with their professionalism, the reputation of their company, and your chosen career. All this needs to be demonstrated in the first 10 seconds of your first encounters.

Let’s take a brief look at how this might happen.

Educational background is demonstrated through social graces. Do you make a guest feel welcome and introduce them to others? Do you offer your hand in greeting; shake the other person’s hand firmly?

Economic status can be conveyed through a shirt with a frayed collar or badly scuffed shoes. Remember people like to associate with those who appear successful.

Credibility and Confidence

A. Confidence. The way you stand or shake a hand sends a message about your self-confidence. Do you slouch, have a weak handshake, or by contrast, do you walk with purpose and have a firm handshake?

B. Credibility. You show credibility by showing interest in others. Learn the art of turning a conversation back to the other person,. Learn to ask a specific question of the other person. For example, “How do I know when I am with
someone if they would be a good client or prospect for you?” This shows your interest in the other.

Language Finally what language do you use? Slang can suggest lack of confidence and lower credibility.

Dynamic networking begins when you come face-to-face with another person.

If you make a positive impression, the encounter continues and a relationship based on trust will unfold. Where can you find a better place to practice your image than at your BNI meeting?

Joel Sida from BNI Education

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